Wayne Miles and Peter Torr

Wayne Lennox Miles is a born & bred Territorian, native of Northern Australia, and fiercely proud of it. First and foremost he is an accomplished photographer, sometimes-interior designer, sculptor and furniture maker.
Whilst he does not remember much of his childhood, he seems to recalls his first camera was an Olympus, and while he had no formal photographic training an opportunity to produce a “coffee table” book early in his career opened many doors into the world of photography.
He claims, “growing up in the Territory definitely had an influence on my work, all that running around, bare footed and fancy free in a frontier town, a life experience that I think shows in my work. Early on I learned how to observe the weather conditions, this promotes an understanding of nature and it has therefore become apparent in my photographs and designs. However the main purpose of my work, has always been to stimulate others into using their imaginations, if anything I’m a story teller”. (A picture is worth a thousand words)
Since his introduction into photography in the early 80’s or thereabouts, Wayne has travelled the world building up an impressive collection of images, working as a photojournalist, freelancing for the former gamma liasion (Paris) & penthouse magazine (with perks) specialising on subjects like gangs & neo-tribes, hard to gather material which has been published in magazines time & time again, the world over.
Wayne’s work today is “art based” sourced from his vast library with his limited edition canvases and prints finding their way into many private collections. Besides that, sometime in the 1990’s Miles built up the “Tin Shed Gallery” of Coconut Grove in Darwin and began fit-outs using recycled timbers from Indonesian and Refugee boats confiscated off Australia’s northern coast. Today, the Tin Shed Gallery, fits-out whole houses and apartments in a style of the “tropics”, a particular style that suits the North Australian climate and culture. Miles claims “whilst I have embraced my artistic roots, in my fit-outs, I’ve always commissioned exceptional craftsman & other artists to help interpret my visions”.
The Tin Shed Gallery houses a permanent photographic exhibition of work, which Wayne does in collaboration with his “life long” mate, re-toucher, artist, designer and photographer, Mr Peter Torr (or Pedro as he is affectionately known). They have a series of portfolios that go under the banner of the “Miles & Torr” collections, depicting N.T bush graphics & scapes in art form. These collections specialise in limited and open edition prints& posters most in 2 – 3 metre sizes, only 10 in the series.
Miles & Torr are passionate photographers, lovers of both the bush and the sea. Miles says the trick to our work is controlling the entire process from concept to decoration. Whilst most would claim everything in the art industry has been done to date, I would argue that Pedro and I haven’t really associated with any one movement; instead we have forged our own style, “theme of the tropics”.
For an appointment please send us an email or phone 0419 869102 – cause we are probably in Bali, “on business of course”